Area 4

The player progresses trough this map by going trough the areas in thier numbered order. The areas that have a letter on them are optional zones that a player may visit but are not required to progress the story.


Encounter # Starting Summon(s) Starting Gems Deck Reward
2 Skeleton, Skeleton 0 Dark Bolt, Deadly Poison, Skeleton, Weakening Poison.
3 Bone Wall, Skeleton 1 Bone Wall, Dark Bolt, Deadly Poison, Potion of Shielding, Skeleton, Weakening Poison
4 Fire Elemental 2 Fiery Grasp, Fire Elemental, Heat Wave, Meteor Shower
5 Golget 2 Golden Golem, Golget, Earthquake
A Fire Elemental, Sedimentus 0 Earthquake, Earth Spike, Fire Elemental, Sedimentus
B Belagriss, Golden Golem 0 Belagriss, Golden Golem
6 Mumwad 2 Dark Bolt, Deadly Poison, Mumwad, Weakening Poison
7 Belagriss, Skeleton 0 Belagriss, Potion of Strength, Skeleton
8 Belagras 2 Belagras, Belagriss, Health Potion, Potion of fortitude, Potion of Reflection, Weakening Poison
10 Skeleton, Skeleton Mage 2 Skeleton, Skeleton Mage
11 Belagras, Fire Elemental 0 Belegras, Fire Elemental, Potion of Fortitude, Potion of Strength
12 Mumwad, Skeleton, Skeleton Mage 0 Dark Bolt, Mumwad, Skeleton, Skeleton Mage, Weakening Poison
14 Stone Golem, Stone Golem 2 Earthquake, Earth Spike, Stone Golem
15 Abomination, Mumwad 2 Abomination, Dark Bolt, Mumwad, Skeleton Mage, Weakening Poison
C Treasuregeist 2 Cleanse, Dark Bolt, Elixir of Life, Fear, Revive, Treasuregeist, Void Blade
16 Belegras, Filos 0 Belagras, Dark Bolt, Dark Power, Filos, Health Potion, Potion of Reflection, Shock, Judgement
17 Filos, Fire Elemental, Skeleton Mage 0 Filos, Fire Elemental, Potion of Fortitude, Potion of Health, Skeleton Mage

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