Tournament PVPEdit

In this mode you can face other players in a single match knockout style tournament. A tournament is open whenever it is possible and players are allowed up to 3 minutes to join in, once it starts if there aren't at least 8 players Bots will be created to take the place of those players.

The player who wins the tourney gets a random prize from all of the possible rewards in the prize pool depending on how much prize rating he/she has. (For example a winner with a prize rating of 100 will randomly get 1 of the following rewards: 200 coins, 400 coins, Stealth Bat , Sentra , Sedimentus , Golden Golem , Devourer , Rodenti , Smolders , Petalia , Sandria , Abomination , Polterboy , Poltergirl , Webling .)

A win against a human player is worth 100 prize rating points while a win against an AI is worth 30 prize rating points. A player who is eliminated gets a consoloation prize of 200 coins.

This slideshow features all the unique cards that are obtainable only from tournament PVP.

  • Go to Whistly
  • Go to Webling
  • Go to Stagunis
  • Go to Spike Demon
  • Go to Rock Spitter
  • Go to Rhinok
  • Go to Poltergirl
  • Go to Polterboy
  • Go to Polaris
  • Go to Phoenix
  • Go to Gemini Wizard
  • Go to Gemini Warrior
  • Go to Gemini Beast
  • Go to Basilisk

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