The guild is the second campaign area you have access to.

Encounter # Starting Summon(s) Starting Gems Deck Reward
1 Bogwag 2 gems, 3 slots Bogwag, Frenzy, Rage coins
2 Tuskor 2 gems, 3 slots

Blazix, Cleanse, Freezig, Gust, Healing Circle, Hydreen, Judgement, Shina, Spindress, Meditation, Potion of Intelligence, Thorn Wall, Thunderstorm, Tuskor, Uni

3 N/A N/A N/A


4 Rodentaur 2 gems, 3 slots

Plague, Ratzer, Rodentaur


5 N/A N/A N/A none
6 Rodentaur, Ratzer 0 gems, 3 slots Frenzy, Ratzer, Rodentaur, Plague coins
7 Krodent, Rodentaur 0 gems, 3 slots Corruption, Dark Shroud, Frenzy, Plague, Ratzer, Rodentaur coins
8 Anchortooth 2 gems, 3 slots Anchortooth, Deluge, Frenzy coins, Drown
9 Anchortooth, Anchortooth 0 gems, 3 slots Anchortooth, Deluge, Frenzy


10 Leviathan 0 gems, 3 slots

Cleanse, Dark Power, Deluge, Drown, Endurance, Fear, Rage, Suppress

coins, Deluge
11 Drunk Sailor Drunk Sailor Drunk Sailor 0 gems, 3 slots Drunk Sailor, Frenzy coins, Campaign Level 2 achievement

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