May 14th 2012Edit

Terranis health increased to 21.

Axhiss attack increased to 3.

Max 4 status effects allowed per card. No more replacement by going beyond 4.

Fourth status effect is now displayed.

May 21st 2012Edit

New game mode: Tournament PvP.

New exclusive cards available as rewards in tournament mode.

Tournament achievements and avatars added.

Global in-game chat feature added.

Overstacked status effect bug fixed.

Coming soon: New booster pack, more adventure mode content.

May 25th 2012Edit

New booster pack: Maelstrom

The shop interface has been changed to improve useability and set aside exclusive content and benefits for VIP members.

Coming up: bug fixes, card balance reviews, adventure mode enhancements, and more booster packs.

June 08th 2012Edit

- Guild leaders can now invite and kick players

- Fixed bug in adventure mode that prevented building

- Added a cost for razing guild owned structures

- Steps taken to fix automatic AI surrender bug

Coming soon: more cards, more adventure mode content

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